About the Project

The ICT for Distance Conferences project is aimed at improving the quality of higher education in conditions caused by crises similar to COVID-19. One of the specific characteristics of higher education as a means for the transfer of knowledge is the organization and conduction of educational-scientific conferences. The need for education and science to move entirely to a remote form due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has placed a number of universities that have achieved a high level of scientific and educational credibility in a state of lack of preparedness and ability to maintain the level of conference events. To help universities maintain their credibility, the partnership under this project, which involves university institutions from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia, and a Maltese organization specializing in distance education, will focus its efforts on illuminating the specifics of distance learning in the context of organizing conference events. providing In order to achieve this, the project foresees the preparation of one intellectual output (which is the basis of project implementation) and the conduction of two trainings and three hybrid conferences, all providing insight into the separate components of the organization of educational and scientific virtual conferences. The aspiration of the partners is to achieve a significant regional, European and international impact. To this goal, the Intellectual Output document will be produced in Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian and English.

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