Study program type: Master Academic.

Study program enrollment prerequisites

A person who has completed Basic Academic Studies in the scientific-educational field of Physical Education and Sport and achieved 240 ECTS points or academic studies in a similar field can enroll in the Master Academic Studies, Physical Education, Physical Activity and Health Study Program after the decision has been made upon comparing the Study Programs in question. The general enrollment requirements are regulated by the Book of Regulations of the Studies of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Niš, in accordance with the recommendations of the University in Niš

Study program length and volume

Study program Graduate – master academic study programme to earn a degree Master in Physical Education and Kinesiotherapy, lasts two semesters with total of 70 ECTS points.

Diploma - academic title: Master in Physical Education and Kinesiotherapy

Study program goals

  • integration of knowledge related with physical education, physical activity and health.
  • creation of the appropriate basis of knowledge as a foundation for enrolling in doctoral studies within the scientific field of physical education and sport,
  • preparation and training for the analyses and use of various types of scientific research, as well as for the participation in different projects within the field of physical education, recreation kinesiotherapy and health,
  • training for the purpose of using knowledge, skills and abilities within physical education, physical exercise and kinesiotherapy practice,
  • building the basis for permanent scientific, expert and professional education,
  • enabling students to master the content of the subjects, so as to successfully write a master's thesis,

Study program outcomes

Students who successfully finish the Study Program Master Academic Studies, Physical Education, Physical Activity and Health acquire competence to:

• use knowledge, abilities, skills, organization and professional work:
- in teaching physical education in primary and secondary schools
- in conceiving, directing and monitoring fitness programs for children, adults and special groups;
- in kinesiotherapy of special adult and children category;
• relate basic knowledge and use research results in the development of scientific and professional achievements,
• solve problems using scientific methods and procedures in physical education, recreation and corrective exercise;
• continue education and use scientific information in doctoral studies, Teaching methods and activities

The classes are held within one semester: lectures, practice, consultations, seminars, study research work and professional practice.

Knowledge assessment and grading

The accomplishments of students are expressed with grades as follows:

- grade 10 (excellent) for the obtained 91-100 points, (А+),
- grade 9 (extremely good) for the obtained 81-90 points, (А),
- grade 8 (very good) for the obtained 71-80 points, (B),
- grade 7 (good) for the obtained 61-70 points, (C),
- grade 6 (satisfactory) for the obtained 51-60 points, (D),
- grade 5 (failed) for the obtained 50 and less points (F).


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STUDY PROGRAM - Master Academic Studies, Physical Education, Physical Activity and Health  pdf

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