Study program type: Graduate - master academic studies

Study program enrollment prerequisites
Admission criteria for the enrollment at the Graduate – master academic studies, physical education and sport require completition of bachelor studies programme. Details on terms and conditions are stipulated by the Act on graduate studies of the Faculty and are in complience with the recommendations of the University of Nis.

Study program length and volume
Study program Graduate – master academic study programme to earn a degree Master in physical education and sport, lasts two semesters with total of 60 ECTS credits.

Diploma- academic title: Master in physical education and sport

Study program goals

- Successful completion of second cycle studу program courses and successful completion of the final project-master thesis,
- Establishing of the adequate knowledge base and the competences to enroll in doctoral study programme in the area of physical education and sport,
- Enhancing the use of research results and individual project participation in the area of physical education and sport and recreation,
- Enhancing the adequate application of the knowledge and skills in physical education, sport and recreation.

Study program outcomes

By successfully completing the cycle of the Graduate - master academic studies, physical education and sport, a student acquires all the competences:

- apply concrete knowledge on physical activities in the PE currucula in schools;
- apply pedagogical knowledge and skills to organise PE and sport curricula; apply specific methods of training and apply sports in educational settings;
- apply knowledge in developing scientific and expertise achievements in sports;
- be competent for the organisation and expertise work in sports sections of the school including training and competition of pupils in different sports;
- continue studies towards the doctoral degree;
- use research results and findings and acquired scientific information in the third cycle of studies.

Teaching methods and activities
Graduate – master academic studies, physical education and sport, follow a semester-based structure. Teaching and learning methods are designed to blend theory with practice thus including practical sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops, outdoor practicals, research work and students will be assessed via coursework, practical assessment, portfolio work and examinations. Lectures are designed to provoke interactive relationship of teachers and students when cooperative problem solving is needed.

Knowledge assessment and grading

The structure of the grades is expressed in the following manner:

- grade 10 (outstanding) for the acquired 91 – 100 points (A+)
- grade 9 (excellent) for the acquired 81 – 90 points (A),
- grade 8 (very good) for the acquired 71 – 80 points (B),
- grade 7 (good) for the acquired 61 – 70 points (C),
- grade 6 (fair) for the acquired 51 – 60 points (D),
- grade 5 (fail) for the acquired 50 or less points (F).


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