Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Nis, is an autonomous, educational and scientific institution which has been educating experts in the area of educational, sports and recreational line of work. Also, the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education conducts scientific research with the aim to develop sports sciences and improve higher education quality. Faculty of Sport and Physical Education has been traditionally organizing a scientific conference entitled "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" since 1992 comprising papers in the areas of sports, recreation, physical education, corrective gymnastics, biomedical sciences and other complementary scientific fields. Reviewing briefly previous scientific conferences "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" and presented papers it can be concluded that that the area of sports sciences is a very complex, interdisciplinary scientific field both in the topics covered and the experts dealing with this vast scientific field.

Upon the initiative and in the organization of the Section for physical culture, a unit of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Nis, in 1992, the first scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" was held. At this first conference, participants of different profiles submitted and presented in total 28 papers of varied topics, contents and structure.

The second scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" was held in 1993, with the 13 submitted papers. This was due to an adverse socio-economic situation of the society so that this small number of participants can be attributed to the unfavorable conditions. This was just a reflection and a reminder that sports sciences are a part of social upgrading and that their development directly depends on the economic power of the society or the family.

The third scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" was held in 1993, with 41 submitted papers. Due to large number of submitted papers for the first time the conference was organized through plenary and other working sessions.

The fourth scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" was held in 1995, with doubled number of submitted papers totaling 82. Thematic frames were complex, multidisciplinary and pertinent for the sports sciences areas. Again there were plenary sessions and thematically bound areas of interests.
FIS 1995 05FIS 1995 14However, real confirmation of its relevance the international scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" claimed in 1996 gathering more than one hundred participants. That there were 116 papers submitted.
FIS 1996 01FIS 1996 15"FIS COMMUNICATIONS" held in 1997 and 1998, also had over a hundred participants and papers, each.

Since 1999 up to 2006 when 12th international scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" were held, a number of participants and papers have been constantly increasing.

At the 13th international scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" held in 2007, over a hundred participants attended and 67 papers were positively reviewed.

Quite significant increase in the number of attendees and the number of papers as well was recorded at the 14th international scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" held in 2010. The conference registered 175 authors with the submitted papers. 85 papers were presented.

Similar number of attendees and papers was observed at the international scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" held in 2011. There were 85 papers presented and the number of participants was 144.

At the 16th international scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" held in 2013, there were 98 papers submitted, out of which 67 were positively reviewed and published. Apart from presented papers there were also three invited lectures. Total number of participants at the conference was 167 coming from 11 countries.

Participants at the 17th international scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" held in 2014, presented overall 67 papers, which had undergone the process of double review, out of total 99 submitted papers. This conference has, in comparison to other ones, registered larger number of authors, having in total 182 authors, coming from 11 countries. At this conference two invited lectures were also presented.

Sport and exercising are inseparable parts of the culture of one nation, one society and or an individual. One can rightfully claim that they are part of man's life that cannot be separated from the society, and as such are susceptible to the changes, development, praise and reproaches.... Our traditional gathering together at the international scientific conference "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" renders a chance to discuss and analyze certain social topics, thematic complexes of the sports sciences, whether observed from an expert or a scientific point of view.

We do hope that the motto proclaimed by professor Aleksandar Kerkovic, PhD, " I communicate, this means I exist" uttered at long ago held "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" in 1993, will be actual for a long time and that it will follow us into the numerous "FIS COMMUNICATIONS" to come.



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