Study program type: Basic academic studies

Admission criteria

A typical offer for admission consists of required passes in high school of all profiles, impecable health record, capability to attend all practicals and pass practical tests, successful completion of entry exam comprising techniques of the chosen sport. Medical check up commitee upon the examination of the candidates gives the assessment of their health status. Entry exam comprises five tests: swimming, gymnastics, running, sports games and rhythm (only for women).

Diploma- academic title: Bachelor with honours in physical education and sport

Study programme details

Study programme: Basic academic studies, physical education and sport, It lasts 4 (four) years, 8 (eight) semesters and allots 240 ЕCTS.

Aims of the study programmes

- Attainment of competences, academic skills and specific practical skills needed for job expertise in: physical education curricula, training processes, corrective exercising and health related exercising,
- Enabling to efficiently use scientific and domain specific achievements,
- Development of creative capabilities, reflective thinking and team work capabilities and communication with experts public skills,
- Awareness raising of the need for permanent, lifelong learning and education.

Learning outcomes

By successful completion of the study programme in the cycle of Basic academic studies, physical education and sport a student acquires all the competences of the Bachelor teacher of PE and sport and is able to:

- apply concrete knowledge on physical activities in the PE currucula in kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools;
- apply pedagogical knowledge and skills to organise PE and sport curricula; apply methods of sports learning and practicing, plan and realise training units in sport;
- recognise and apply scientific information on the results of scientific and professional achievemens in researching somatic problems, bodily functions and abilities and special sports abilities that are developing and changin in the course of physical exercising and training;
- proffesionally apply the expertise knowledge and practice during planning and realising training of pupils in sports clubs and school sessions and sports competitions of pupils as well;
- successfully communicate with pupils, their parents, sports associations, collegues, and other parties involved in the educational processes of pupils.

Teaching methods and activities

The course teaching in the Basic academic studies, physical education and sport is organised and implemented in one semester manner. Teaching and learning methods are designed to blend theory with practice thus including practical sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops, outdoor practicals and students will be assessed via coursework, practical assessment, portfolio work and examinations. Lectures are meant to provoke interactive relations of teachers and students when cooperative problem solving is needed.

Knowledge assessment and grading

The structure of the grades is expressed in the following manner:

- grade 10 (outstanding) for earned 91-100 points, (A+),
- grade 9 (excellent) for earned 81-90 points, (A),
- grade 8 (very good) for earned 71-80 points, (B),
- grade 7 (good) for earned 61-70 points, (C),
- grade 6 (satisfactory) for earned 51-60 points, (D),
- grade 5 (fail) for earned 50 and less points (F).

Programme structure

Curriculum of the Bachelor study programmes, physical education and sport for the degree of teacher of physical education and sport, Bachelor, is organised and impemented in eight semesters each of semester bringing 30 ECTS credits totaling 240 ECTS credits.






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