Ivana Bojić, Ph.D.

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  • Department: Department of theoretical-methodlogical sciences
  • Courses: Methodics of sports training - Undergraduate studies, physical education and sport and Basic professional studies, sport
    Diagnostics in sport 1 - Undergraduate studies, physical education and sport
    Diagnostics in sport 2 - Specialist professional studies, sport
  • Contact: phone +381 18 511-940; ext. 106; Office No. 106
  • Europass model CV: Ivana Bojić - Europass model CV
  • Personal data and former education: Born on Aug. 31, 1976 in Nis, Serbia where she received both her elementary and her secondary education. Enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy for academic year of 1994-1995 and graduated with a GPA of 8.82/10 obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education; received 10/10 on her graduate exam on 12/20/1999. In the academic year of 1999/2000 she enrolled at the Faculty of Physical Education in Nis, Serbia for her postgraduate studies in Sports, defended her Master's thesis, entitled A Model of Situational Motoric Abilities of Serbia and Montenegro Handball Players, on June 1, 2005; Ivana defended her PhD dissertation, entitled The Impact of Specially Programmed Training Process on Basic Coordinational and Specific Motoric Abilities of Young Female Handball Players, at the Faculty of Physical Education of Skopje, FRY Macedonia on Oct. 3, 2008.

  • Professional data: On May 1, 2000 of the academic year of 1999/2000 Ivana Bojic was appointed Teaching Assistant for the courses on Handball at the Faculty of Physical Education in Nis. This was followed by appointment for Associate at the said Faculty's Institute from June 5, 2006. tо Nov. 30, 2007. She was appointed Teaching Assistant for courses on Sports Training on November 30, 2007 followed by appointment for Associate Professor of the same course group on Nov. 24, 2010. Ivana was appointed visiting professor of Methodology of Sports Training at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education of Nis on July 9, 2015 where she has remained for the time being. She was Secretary General of the Department of Sports and Sports Games from Dec. 31, 2001 to June 5, 2006. As of October 11, 2013 has served as Head of the Department of Theoretical and Methodological Subjects at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education of Nis. Performed duties as a Member on the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education of Nis Council from Dec. 26, 2006 to November 11, 2007 and has been serving again as Council Member having started a new term in 2012. Ivana started her career as an active handball player on handball teams of Duvanska Industrija Nis in 1987 and remained its member until July 2004; played actively in all the existing age categories of the team- from cadet to senior- and was also a member of the Junior national team of Serbia. Some of the most significant achievements with the Duvanska Industrija Nis teams are:

    • 1997-'98 – Vice-champions of the Yugoslavia Cup;

    • 1998-'99 – European Cup Winners Cup;

    • 2001-'02 – EHF European championship;

    • 2002-'03 - EHF European championship; 2nd place in the national championship; Serbia and Montenegro Cup finalists;

    • 2003-'04 – European Champion League; winners of the Serbia and Montenegro Cup

    Since retirement from an career in active sports, she had been a member of the expert body of the Women's Handball Team between 2005 and 2006 followed by engagement as coach of the younger categories of the same team from 2006 to 2010 when she achieved significant results in Serbian championships with the 1995-1996 girls team: 2nd place in 2007-2008; 1st place in 2008-09. Ivana is a member of the Handball Association of Serbia Expert Committee.


Faculty of Sport and Physical Education
Čarnojevića 10a, 18000 Niš

tel. +381 18 510-900
        +381 18 511-940
        +381 18 511-941
e-mail: info@fsfv.ni.ac.rs

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